Sometimes you have to X out a few windows before you can move forward.         

My life is like my computer screen.  Currently, I’m focused on writing this post, but I can see there are ten other windows open at the top.  These are all things that I am working on and waiting for my attention.  When I close one of the tabs, it disappears, but the space is immediately filled by the others.  Like me, my computer screen doesn’t allow for any gaps in the menu bar.  When I finish a project, a trigger goes off inside me and I immediately fill the space by starting a new one or quickly turn my focus to an existing one.  Because of the way I am wired, I never allow for any unscheduled time.  Unchecked, my life can quickly become filled with lots of busyness and little meaning.   

Some people might view this as a negative thing.  In fact, there have been times in my life when I have tried to change and become a simpler person with fewer projects.  Bottom line, I can’t.  It’s how I’m wired.  What I can control though, is what windows are open and how many at any one time.   Realizing this has taken me a lifetime but as I gain a better understanding of how I am wired, I become more and more excited about my future.  

The questions I’ve had to ask myself are, how many windows should I have open at one time and what should the tab on each one read?  I concluded there is no right answer to the number of tabs because my interests continue to expand and life’s demands continue to change.  The most important thing is what the windows are and their significance to my current goals.

This is now the central focus of my career.  As current projects come to completion, I can’t kid myself any longer, I know I am going to fill the gaps.  The difference now is that I am taking very long pauses before opening new windows.