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This week’s guest is the lucky and gifted Brady Goss. As a young child, Brady had been intently watching his dad play the piano day after day and he tinkered with the instrument when his dad was done playing. He was only 4 years old when he tried playing the melody his dad Mike just finished playing on the piano. It was so natural to him that his parents were amazed.

He sharpened his musical skills day after day but his parents decided he should get formal training.  Brady dreaded the idea of taking real lessons and says he had an “attention deficit disorder” when it came to structured piano lessons. His piano teacher almost gave up on him but, gosh, he would play it in his own way and with awesome creativity! Brady’s dad loved the style of Jerry Lee Lewis and so did he. The diversity and creativity of Jerry Lee Lewis fed and bred Brady’s innate musical mind – from country music to jazz, and rock n roll – he improvised. Brady was born to play music and sing but he is also a great rancher and a baseball player. He was told he had a keen ear for music. Others think he has a great voice and savvy fingers on the instruments. We think he’s got all of the above.


What you’ll hear from Brady and the Tailgate Entertainer staff:

  • How Brady began his musical career
  • How his dad helped him become what he is today
  • The musicians who influenced his music
  • All his mentors and his favorite one
  • How his mentor helped him become what he is today
  • What he loves about the fair industry
  • What else he does besides  playing the piano and guitar
  • What advice he wants to give to new musicians
  • What is the quickest step to success, according to Brady
  • He was told he had a “strong ear” for music
  • He thinks it’s the way he delivers his music.




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