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Very rarely are people presented with the opportunity to be born into their career and spend their life learning all aspects of their trade. Fortunately, Courtny Conkle did; she is the youngest female CEO in California and at the Lake County Fair in Northern California and has acquired a plethora of knowledge throughout her years.

Getting to learn different trades in the fair from a very young age has helped Courtny throughout her career and given her the insight to project her career forward. Courtny has been on both sides of the fair as a concessionaire as well as in management, so she really knows the fair from the ground up! Tune in to this episode of Tailgate Entertainer to hear all of the brilliant ideas Courtny has to share with your host and co-host, Alan Bruess and Eric Haines.

Show Highlights:

  • Being born into the fair industry
  • Long-term goals for the fair industry
  • Contributing factors to becoming a fair manager
  • Areas that need re-adjustment
  • Building relationships in the community
  • Showing what you can accomplish
  • Eliminating old traditions
  • Bringing in entertainment that fits different demographics
  • Understanding the ripple effect
  • The importance of user-generated contact
  • Spending time advertising the right content
  • Relationships with younger vs older business people
  • Intertwining business with life
  • How people respond to the carnival stigma
  • Being able to empathize with all sides of the industry
  • Having people to mentor you
  • Internalizing what you’ve learned from others and how to apply it
  • Being a mentor and guide to others
  • How to suggest things to people that may help them
  • Coming into the fair industry knowing the industry


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