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We’re back with Season 2! It’s an entirely new season, so Alan here to catch you up on everything since Season 1 ended and also the exciting things in store for Season 2. In this first episode of Season 2, you also get introduced to a co-host, who is no stranger to Tailgate Entertainer fans!

The fair industry is an adventurous occupation that few people have insight into, but the Tailgate Entertainer brings you interviews with some of the most reputable performers in the Fair Industry. From acrobats to the youngest manager in the industry, to the inventor of women’s mud wrestling, the hosts Alan Bruess and Eric Haines will take you on a journey to explore every aspect of the fair industry. Tune into this episode of Tailgate Entertainer to see what this season has in store for you. 

Show Highlights:

  • What Alan has been working on 
  • Change in work for Alan
  • Who is coming on the show this season 
  • Shift and adapt 
  • Couples, the youngest manager in the fair industry, and the inventor of women’s mud wrestling…coming soon 
  • Sponsors – we have SPONSORS!
  • Creating Scholarships 


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