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The 5 Most Difficult Challenges of Life on the Road and How to Overcome Them!

As important as the food vendors and the rides are, the fair business wouldn’t be the same without the kids involved. Not only do the children’s high spirits create the atmosphere, but their hard work and tenacity and an integral part of the structure of the fair. Not only do they impact the industry, but the industry has molded them into the wonderful people they are today. Go behind the scenes with these remarkable individuals, with your host, Alan Bruess.

  • Mat Wells journey
  • The perks of getting to go to a job you love
  • The things you learn being on the road
  • Life lessons learned through the fair industry
  • How the fair molds your life and growing up fast
  • The lifestyle you experience that others won’t
  • Going on the road with family
  • Challenges faced when moving forward
  • Nathan smith’s experience’s in the fair
  • Helping his parents and exploring the fun things at the fair
  • Sarah Hays thought’s on the fair industry
  • Having a fair family
  • Growing up in a work environment
  • The basic skills learned that impacted her future
  • Best & worst memories while traveling
  • Hayden Newman’s favorite experience’s in the fair
  • Favorite performers
  • Skills built in the industry
  • Bad customer experiences
  • Things to do on the road
  • Friendships made within the fair industry
  • Experiences that will help Chase Barton in the future
  • Memorable experiences
  • Extracurricular activities he does outside of the fair
  • When he started juggling and his journey with that
  • Having other interests to fall back on
  • Brayden Bruess’ experiences traveling on the road with his father
  • Head start on working with the general public and being exposed to different cultures
  • Working by yourself when the people you’re working with aren’t doing their job
  • Incidents
  • Going into the fair industry for a career



In this episode: Mat Wells – son of  Kim & Alan Barr

Nathen Smith – son of Robert & Sara Smith

Sarah Hays – daughter of  Steve & Elisa Hays

Hayden Newman – daughter of Mike & Ryann Newman

Chase Barton – son of  Tammy & Bryan Barton

Brayden Bruess – son of  Alan & Renee Bruess