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The 5 Most Difficult Challenges of Life on the Road and How to Overcome Them!

Pain and suffering are always topics pushed under the rug, but what people have failed to inform you is, oblivion is not bliss. Today we are going to sweep it all out from under the rug and hit the topics that are, more often than not, avoided. Feelings of self-worth, effects of tragic accidents, pride, the ICU, all topics that lack a sense of hope, but your guest, Elisa Hays, will hopefully leave you with an appreciation for life and hope in the virtue of humanity. Tune in with your host, Alan Bruess, for a taste of this bitter-sweet message. 


  • Why people want to talk about their hurt 
  • Defining your worth 
  • Dehumanizing yourself in the ICU 
  • ICU psychosis 
  • Understanding and experiencing pain 
  • Acknowledging pain instead of belittling it 
  • Existing in a fundamental foundational level 
  • The way pain changes the views of everyone around you 
  • Finding reasons to laugh when bad things occur 
  • How accidents change relationships 
  • Reflecting on memories that impacted Elisa 
  • How horrific accidents change your motivation 
  • Living with a handicap 
  • The disadvantages of living in a wheelchair 
  • How accidents consume your life 
  • The ripple effect of doing good for people 




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