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The 5 Most Difficult Challenges of Life on the Road and How to Overcome Them!

Time, money, travel, and experiences are all a few things we have in common. In the fair industry, it takes a lot of investment in all of the following. But, a few special things about our guest today is his constant great spirits, his classy behavior, enthusiasm in his work, his amazing story, and the magic he puts into his work.

Welcome balloon artist, Dennis Forel, with your tailgate entertainer, Alan Bruess.


Today, Alan and Dennis Forel also discuss:

  • The inspiration that led to his career
  • Where his career led with persistence
  • Opportunities for balloon artists
  • Putting together an original act
  • Being rotated between people you work for
  • Upholding your act and keeping your enthusiasm
  • The importance of being versatile
  • People can tell when you’re not being authentic
  • You have to be diverse and unpredictable but reliable
  • Why you should always go the extra mile
  • Being part of the outreach you work for
  • The difficulties of having a family while being in the fair
  • Being honest about your circumstances with your employers
  • Getting the courage to take the next step
  • Stumbling into your career
  • Mistakes in the business
  • The vitality of building relationships
  • Showing your commitment
  • If you don’t match the theme, you won’t be hired


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