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Today, we are going to take a look at a new and exciting angle of the fair industry. We’ve ventured through many different aspects of vendors, managers, and various performing artists. Today, we are going to take a walk in the shoes of the person who finds all the talent to fill those slots. Accompany Alan Bruess as he exploring the world of a highly respected talent agent and business owner, Jerry Ross. 

Listen as Alan and Jerry discuss:


  • The journey of starting a business
  • How revenues work for artists with agents 
  • The job and responsibilities of a talent agent 
  • The problems of exclusivity when shows contact artists directly 
  • The importance of having a trustworthy relationship with clients and agents 
  • Agents are somewhat there to do the dirty work 
  • What to do when clients contact acts directly and exclude the agent 
  • The importance of setting ground rules 
  • The ability to make a living decreases as inflation happens 
  • What acts are increasing and declining
  • The vitality of innovation 
  • How to nourish and maintain good relationships 
  • How to approach an agent 
  • The hard work and tenacity needed to be successful 
  • Why being yourself is important for an artist 
  • Introducing yourself to the online industry 


Connect with Jerry: