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Just like every other industry, the fair industry is all about connections. But, the special thing about this industry is that everyone is willing to support and help one another. Now, who doesn’t want to participate in that? 


Today we are going to listen to and learn from one of the fair industry’s greatest supporters and influencers. This will give you some personal insight and show you the relationships and strong bonds created in this field. Join your Tailgate Entertainer, Alan Bruess, while he interviews his long-time friend and impactful leader, Chris Whatley 

Listen as Alan and Chris also discuss:

  • His theater career shaped the course of him going into the fair industry 
  • He built a robot that got him into the fair industry 
  • He designed a set and used his creativity to get a show booked for fairs 
  • Everything happens for a reason 
  • Due to the fluctuation in business, the rug can be pulled right out from under you
  • How to keep a group of people loyal and to go along with the journey 
  • The difficulties of using real guns for the show in different states 
  • The values and importance of the fair 
  • The product you produce doesn’t matter if you present it poorly 
  • The quality of your videos for the fair is vital for success 
  • Communication skills are lacking in the youth 
  • You have to be flexible 






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