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When people think of the fair, they think of all the exciting things in the spotlight. Sometimes we fail to notice all the things behind the scenes that make that excitement happen. All the hard work, planning, and orchestrating goes unnoticed. Today, take a look behind the scenes with our special guest Heather Hansen.


Today we are learning more from behind the scenes in the fair industry with lobbyist, Heather Hansen. People like Heather are vital to our industry, because without her, one of America’s favorite entertaining family events would not be possible. She currently lives in Columbia, Washington and over see’s legislation for the Washington State Fair Association. 



In this episode Alan and Heather also discuss:



  • Her experience with 4H and how she became an agent 
  • How fair funding works and it’s importance 
  • Why is funding important if the fair is already bringing in so much money?
  • Most of the time, money made by the fair goes to youth organizations
  • New Legislatures often don’t have a background in the fair industry 
  • It is important to invite legislatures to your fairs and keep them involved 
  • Get to know your legislators because if they don’t know you, they can’t help you





Heather’s email: Heather@wafriends.org