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The 5 Most Difficult Challenges of Life on the Road and How to Overcome Them!

The fair industry is typically stereotyped into a finite variety of things. Ranging from clowns, to corndogs, to cotton candy, to Ferris wheels. Join your Tailgate Entertainer, Allen Bruce, in digger deeper into exploring the entrepreneurship involved in the fair industry, with people like “The Gold Standard”.

“The Gold Standard” or Dianne Linderman, is a renowned business woman involved in fair industry. Dianne Linderman is a creative, innovative, entrepreneur, who has surrounded herself with likeminded people. This group of people team up to form “The Great American Entertainment Company”. Not only has she invested her time in this company, but she has many other great accomplishments she has achieved throughout her lifetime.  She was a Counselor for troubled teens, owned a restaurant, built a million dollar company, owned a dozen businesses, started a publishing company, helped construct a school, wrote an award-winning series of children’s books, married her best friend and raised two kids. She also has a podcast and radio show titled, “Everything that matters in life, parenting, and kitchen table politics”.


  • Alexandra, Dianne’s daughter, talks about the animal shows and the events she enjoys
  • Talks about the difficulties of moving around and the things she’s learned from it
  • Fairs bring the family back together
  • Talks about the importance of working hard
  • The biggest lesson she learned in 2016 was not to judge people
  • Dianne Linderman talks about the problem with telling people they can only be successful with a diploma and treating everyone the same
  • People don’t know how to answer what they’re interested in
  • Took her love for children and animals to be involved in the fair industry
  • She started a roadside zoo and traveling petting zoo and used the animals to help troubled teens
  • Talks about the reasons why all of her businesses have succeeded
  • The benefits of raising children involved in the fair industry
  • The best place to open a business is next to a business of the same trade
  • Don’t ever spend your money on other people’s property
  • Your biggest lessons come from your failures, you can’t just do everything
  • If you do not fulfill your yearning for what you want, you won’t be content