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If you have talent, as yet untapped, or you love watching performers do their thing at fairs, Terry Fator will certainly inspire you. Whether or not you are in the fair industry, you will love Terry. Listen to his down to earth approach to becoming successful as he talks to Alan Bruess about his meteoric rise to fame since 2005, on today’s episode of Tailgate Entertainer.


Terry, singer, comedian and ventriloquist/impersonator,  a great, funny, regular guy, won America’s “Who’s got Talent” in 2007. One year later, he signed a five-year deal with The Mirage for $100,000,000! All this, with skills he honed while performing at fairs. Listen in today, as Terry talks to Alan about his incredible experiences and the fascinating people he has met, in the world of the fair industry.

Join Terry and Alan, as they discuss:


  • Terry’s passion for performing on stage.
  • How Terry started performing at age three.
  • The touching story of Terry’s sensitive handling of an autistic boy at a “meet and greet” session.
  • What it takes to win in life.
  • How Danny Gans really inspired Terry to become a ventriloquist/impersonator.
  • Terry’s standing ovation in 2006, at the Rocky Mountain Showcase.
  • How Terry got to perform on “America’s got Talent”.
  • How you can work your way up, as an entertainer, through the fair industry.
  • Terry’s unprecedented rise to success.
  • What you put out, comes back to you.
  • What Terry does with the money he earns from selling merchandise at fairs.


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