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Karla MajewskiThis week, we have Karla Majewski to tell us about her animal business. She and her family live on 4 acres in California with almost 200 exotic animals. For nearly 3 decades, her company, Pacific Animal Productions, has been helping to conserve wildlife and endangered species while educating people about the wonders of wildlife. During animal “edu-tainment” exhibits, she lets people see and touch the animals.  She comes up with inspired ideas that are mutually beneficial to both humans and animals. She even feeds people with crickets – stir-fried, in tacos, to provide safe animal protein to people.

Show Notes

  • How eating insects is becoming more popular around the world
  • Her school programs – educational show about animals
  • What edutainment accomplishes
  • The most renewable protein source for humans – crickets!
  • Making cricket tacos in her shows
  • She likes grasshoppers too!
  • Bugs are pollinators therefore beneficial for men and nature
  • Why kids today know more about animals than kids did in the past
  • She employs 5 full time zoo keepers to take care of almost 200 animals
  • Her purpose for teaching children about animals
  • The biggest challenge she had encountered 
  • The regulation and licenses she has for her animals
  • Her plans for the future


Website: http://pacificanimalproductions.com/

FB:  https://www.facebook.com/pacificanimalproductions/