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Welcome to a conversation with my friend, Marty Davis. Marty has been in the fair industry longer than anyone I know. This is an honest interview from Marty’s heart with a little bit of crazy thrown in! If you listen all the way to the end, you’ll be treated to a yodeling lesson, a story about streaking, some great advice, and some cowboy songs, too! Don’t miss it!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How Marty started his lifelong love affair with the guitar
  • Working as a DJ and singing with a band
  • Stories from The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas
  • Why Marty felt like cowboy band costumes were important
  • How he met his wife, Kate—and got engaged after just ONE HOUR of conversation! (47 years of marriage followed!)
  • Bored and unsatisfied with not being the very best
  • Why Marty longed for the “old cowboy sound”
  • “God Bless Old Glory”
  • Yodeling 101
  • Why Marty believes in mentoring kids
  • Marty’s beginning in the fair industry—1976
  • Why Marty has mentored many in the fair industry, even offering up his home to many as a stable place to live
  • Mistakes that young people make today: not learning the basics of a solid foundation
  • “Love people enough to tell them the truth.”
  • How Marty struggled in the beginning to find someone to help with his career
  • What happens when too much ego gets in the way
  • Marty’s message to younger people: “Ask for help.”
  • Why regrets are a waste of time
  • Streaking off the stage—for $100
  • A story (and a song) from the old West—by Marty
  • Find out more at http://www.martyldavis.com.