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The 5 Most Difficult Challenges of Life on the Road and How to Overcome Them!

How does a couple travel non-stop, perform shows all over the United States, and still manage to love each other at the end of each day? Professional magician Jeff Martin and his wife Pam share the secrets of keeping it all together.”

Show Highlights:

  • How the relationship started
  • Their show is an organized business with Pam behind Jeff
  • Is it tough to be just  behind the limelight, not among the show performers
  • We are all stronger when we become a community in show business or entertainment industry
  • What is Jeff’s biggest struggle?
  • What is Pam’s biggest struggle?
  • What is Jeff’s favorite food on the road?
  • What Jeff would buy if he won the lottery?
  • What Jeff likes about Pam
  • They’re both on the same wavelength