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A win-win strategy for both buyers and sellers trying to find common ground at trade shows. In this discussion, Elisa Hays and Alan Bruess talk about how to communicate more effectively between the two sides and the importance of creating dialogue centered on added value.

Elisa Hays

Show Notes

  • What does “negotiating up” mean?
  • What buyers and sellers can ask each other to start negotiating
  • How can an entertainer provide more value to get higher pay?
  • Solving the problem of maximizing value with a limited budget
  • Trade shows and conventions matter to both the fair management and fair service providers
  • The trade show interaction is transactional and relational, according to Elisa
  • When fair managers decide to “negotiate down” they bring in LESS to the fair
  • When entertainers try to book their business and they look at big holes in their calendar
  • Nobody wants to step up their game when somebody keeps negotiating down
  • When entertainers say: “ I guess I’m not a good fit for you”
  • Can entertainers emphasize their main skills and prominently display more?
  • Service members can negotiate up by being problem-solvers
  • When asking more and telling less is highly appropriate