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The 5 Most Difficult Challenges of Life on the Road and How to Overcome Them!

Let’s talk about the biggest struggles or challenges that artists encounter as performers. My own biggest struggle is:  losing my voice.  Here are 5 different artists and their challenges:

  1. Washboard Willy – He was our guest in Episode 4. He travels  all the time and often looks forward to a downtime.  His hardest struggle is about losing his sense of community with his own hometown, the place where he grew up.  Listen and learn what it is he is struggling with and what the 3 things he does to countercheck the situation. You can find him at http:///washboardwilly.com

washboard willy






  1. Elisa Hays. She has been performing onstage for a very long time and her biggest challenge, she says, is how to be like the children who have undistracted, sharp focus on everything around them. What does she do to be like these authentically undistracted cute audience? Her website is http://www.elisahays.com






  1. Steve Hamilton (also known as Steve the Pretty Good) was our guest on episode 5. He said his biggest challenge is how to get booked. One day, he asked a friend for advice. His friend gave him the tools he needed. Find out what it was and how he fixed his little problem.


Pull My Finger




  1. Carrie Cunningham . Finding the right support team was her biggest challenge.  She was trying to be everything and she reached out to different avenues.  Listen to her revelation– her solutions.






  1. Ken McMeans. Ken graced our episode 6.  He would be away from home and on the road approximately 150 to 200 days.  The hardest thing in his life and career was the balancing stuff.  His wife and the children had helped him a lot.

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