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Wow! It’s the 26th episode of Tailgate Entertainer! I’ve gone this far, more than halfway in meeting my personal commitment to the show. My personal commitment is to deliver a show every Tuesday of every week. It’s not an easy task for a guy like me, 52 years old, who works 12-15 hours a day on my regular job; and I have to add more work hours talking to our guest performers and scheduling their interview, preparing interview questionnaires, setting up the hardware, recording the actual interview, editing the audio to be able to share with you the tips, advice, strategies, and secrets of talented performing artists in the fair & entertainment industry. At this point, it’s not a revenue generator for me and I spend a couple of hundred bucks each month to produce the show so I can present the colorful lives  and career of fair people.  I learned I have been able to spend quality time and collect wisdom from them and how they succeeded in the fair industry; and I happily shared everything with my audience.  This is one way of contributing advice to the people who may want to enter the industry to preserve and perpetuate this form of entertainment for future generations.

Alan Breuss


In this episode, I share with you:

  • The reasons I created this podcast
  • My life history – the role played by my stepmother Irene in making me rethink what I wanted to become as a grown up
  • Why I chose the fair industry in my podcast
  • My role in the fair industry – What I do for a living
  • My audience – approximately 30,000 kids attend these shows
  • A new product that is coming soon which is actually a by-product of this show
  • How much doggone work this podcast is– I don’t earn any revenue from it yet I spend about two hundred bucks each month to produce it
  • Sometimes I go hungry or fall asleep with fatigue while working on the show
  • The difference between a podcast and a live show – in a live show, I get instant feedback and see the immediate reaction of my audience. I know what they like and what they don’t like whereas, in a podcast, feedback isn’t immediate and sometimes I don’t even get your feedback. I don’t know if you like my show and what you want to listen to and know. Although the show is downloaded in 9 different countries, unless I get your feedback, I won’t know how you like my show.
  • Society has benefited positively from the entertainment provided by the fair industry –it helps build one‘s sense of self, country, belief system, and culture.
  • Fair and circuses today present acrobatic performances and exhibitions of skill, strength,  and daring
  • Fairs often require immense numbers of performers and even complicated and expensive machinery.
  • The importance of the fair industry – Fairs are unique in our country. They are a reflection of our Communities–a place where people  can be entertained, educated,  and experience new things
  • Fairs can teach children valuable skills, even life skills
  • Fairs can teach children how to raise animals, care for them, and train them tricks
  • The fair serves a great purpose– a positive impact on our society, county, and state fairs
  • I’m not quite sure I could continue maintaining this show but I do want to keep it going
  • I love the fair industry for a lot of reasons. Do you?


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