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The 5 Most Difficult Challenges of Life on the Road and How to Overcome Them!

Welcome to an episode I’m calling “Mid-Season Madness,” because we in the fair industry are at the midway point of our season. Most of us have been out on the road, away from home, for a LONG time now. I’m currently in Missoula, Montana, after recent stays in Great Falls, Bozeman—-and the list goes on and on. What makes it different for me right now is that I’m traveling with my son, which is terrific for me. Today’s episode is a Tailgate Talk, which means it’s just you and me, talking about some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the fair life. Let’s talk about some important refreshers—some things for all of us to remember at this point in the season.

Alan Bruess

Here are Five Tips to help you get through the rest of the season:

  • What we’re creating for fairgoers are EXPERIENCES
    • They are paying for wonderful, impressive experiences
  • Give of YOURSELF
    • Magical things happen!
    • Do something out of the ordinary for someone else
    • Shhh! This is one of life’s  secrets! (but it shouldn’t be a SECRET!)
  • Get a different perspective
    • Sit in a “different chair” and look around
  • Have a little compassion
    • Help those who are a MESS
    • Don’t make people feel STUPID
  • Let life HAPPEN
    • Don’t get frustrated with what you can’t CONTROL
    • Your ATTITUDE is all that you CAN control
    • Attitude determines ALTITUDE
    • My personal story: Why I believe some things happen for a REASON

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