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Welcome! Today I want to introduce you to an amazing friend, fishing buddy, and colleague. Brad Tylman’s curiosity has led him to a vast knowledge of reptiles, ecosystems, education, and the fair industry. His commitment to education has prompted his travels to over 38 countries, researching, filming, and educating himself further. His attitude is, “How can I be a teacher if I’m not a student?” He is the owner of Brad’s World of Reptiles, and appears at 25-30 fairs each year. Let’s find out more about Brad!29


What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How his love of nature and animals was fostered by his grandparents as he grew up in Wheaton, IL
  • Turtles! They have always been a favorite!
  • How Brad grew up with his constant companions of fish, snakes, turtles, and bugs
  • Brad worked as a deckhand on a fishing boat after moving to Oregon.
  • Dream job! At age 18, he became the full-time curator at OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry).
  • Other unusual jobs included working on a turkey ranch, EMT, and volunteer fireman.
  • How every “job” Brad had blessed his growth and fueled his passion for wildlife
  • 1991: Brad’s first fair exhibit expanded his passion for animals, nature, and education, while providing hands-on animal interaction for kids.
  • Why Brad is a “professional deprogrammer” about the irrational and impractical fear of snakes
  • 1993: Brad travels the world to learn more!
  • “You can’t understand the place where you live until you look at your village through another village’s eyes.”
  • Why humans must respect the world and its resources
  • How Brad creates “maximum contact with minimum conflict” in his large-scale exhibits
  • His thoughts on the recent alligator attack in Orlando
  • How policy is made concerning animals and habitats
  • How he restored an ecosystem on his property in Corvallis, OR
  • “Saving a species means saving its habitat.”
  • Why Brad is committed to teaching conservation and biodiversity
  • The criteria for Brad’s animals: captivity-born, lower metabolic rate, and sedentary nature
  • “Stereotypic behavior”—What is it?
  • His thoughts on the life and impact of his good friend, Steve Irwin
  • What can we do for the future?
  • Brad’s “Lucky” life: “Luck is simply the combination of preparation and opportunity.”
  • Find out more: bradsworldreptiles.com and find him on Facebook!