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Welcome! My guest today is FULL of fun and laughter. Danny Kollaja, aka Lanky the Clown, is original, funny, and approachable. He knows his business and knows how to work hard. He’s here to give us a glimpse into the life and work of a professional clown—which may not be all fun and games.

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Coulrophobia: Have you heard of it? The irrational fear of clowns
  • Danny’s home base: Corpus Christi, TX
  • How a high school production launched Danny’s career as a clown
  • Danny’s first “clown alley” of all older women
  • “This might be interesting.”
  • Danny was in his late 30’s before clowning became his full-time profession.
  • Now, 90% of his income is generated from the fair industry.
  • Danny sees himself as an “ambassador of goodwill.”
  • He brings “attitude adjustment” to people by helping them escape for a moment.
  • Have you ever seen a clown driving down the road? Danny drives in full costume!
  • Danny shares his worst clown experience, why you should pay attention closely to a child’s eyes, and how it feels to be thrown up on!
  • How Danny loves bringing joy to people of ALL ages
  • Danny loves the opportunity to perform at children’s hospitals across the world.
  • “Stage acts bring people to your fairgrounds, but the ground (strolling) acts are what keeps them there.”
  • Danny shares his struggles as a clown
  • How he performs as multiple characters all in one day!
  • How he performs in other countries, “speaking the international language of laughter”
  • Bodily functions: They ARE the universal language!
  • The do’s and don’ts of performing in other countries
  • What do clowns do when they socialize with other clowns?
  • A challenge for Danny is having to be “on” all the time that he’s in makeup and costume
  • Want to know more? Visit http://www.clownone.com or call 361-852-5696.