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The 5 Most Difficult Challenges of Life on the Road and How to Overcome Them!

Welcome! Today’s guest is John Allgaier, the owner of BC Characters, an entertainment company that started as a strolling fair act. If you think “slow and relaxed” defines a strolling act, then you’ve got the wrong idea here. John and his performers use body puppetry in costumes at a frenzied and energetic pace. Let’s find out more from John!


What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • To get an idea of John’s characters, think Fraggle Rock meets Captain Caveman, in full-size body costumes.
  • Each costume is made of foam and metal, weighing 30-50 lbs.
  • The fair industry IS John’s source of income.
  • A physically demanding test of endurance
  • Why your performance must be STRONG
  • John’s business started in 1990, with only one costume. (The 12th one is in process now!)
  • Why John has NO regrets
  • “You will always learn more from your mistakes than from your successes.”
  • John looks forward to stepping aside and seeing his “guys” carry on the business.
  • What’s important to be successful in the fair industry? Be flexible to change, adaptable, and understand your customer.
  • The patrons are your #1 boss!
  • There is a power in the costume.
  • Why families trust a character in costume
  • Be aware of interaction and contact with patrons.
  • John’s biggest fear? Keeping his image and his quality of service
  • Balancing family life, marriage, and life on the road
  • John’s biggest mistake? Trying to push and grow too fast and losing quality in the process
  • People have to know about your act and you have to be good enough to be invited back.
  • John’s advice: Listen more than you speak, be flexible, and keep your demands low.
  • Find out more about John: http://www.bigmouthe.com.