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Welcome to this Tailgate Talk episode! There is no guest today; it’s just you and me, and we’re talking all about YOU! We’ll focus on your relationships with others and maximizing your strengths in this two-part episode. Next week, we’ll be joined by Alyssa Dare Nelson, a strengths coach and host of the Maximize Your Strengths podcast. Visit http://www.strengthsfinder.com to find out how to take the online assessment test to identify YOUR strengths.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The analogy of “the toolbox,” birthed from my own experience working in my little corner of my dad’s workshop, with child-sized tools and scraps of wood
  • How each of us is given an individual “toolbox” in life, but many people don’t know what tools they have or how to use them
  • The mark of a successful person is someone who KNOWS what’s in their toolbox and how to use it.
  • The problem with school environments is that often we are put in places with no tools, with tools we don’t understand, or with tools we don’t know how to use.
  • “Knowledge without action is useless.”
  • Success means taking your toolbox knowledge of strengths and applying it for maximum result in all areas of life.
  • We have to learn to apply strengths without OVERUSING them. (That’s our main focus for next week’s show!)
  • The more SELF-AWARE that we are, the better we become at developing relationships with others.
  • I’ll explain the self-awareness tool called the Johari Window—developed in 1955, using four “panes” to identify areas of strength and weakness.

On last week’s show, I asked for listener feedback about the future direction of the show and what you’d like to hear. I still want to hear from you, so let me know your thoughts. Thanks for listening!