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Today’s guest is Shanae’a Moore. At only 23, her resum√© eclipses her age. Shanae’a started in early life as a ballet dancer and expected that to be her career path. And injury changed her course, and eventually went on to study theater and drama. Her Mother was a drama teacher, so the process of simply growing up, Shanae’a was able to amass extensive theater credentials. Shanae’a graduated with a BFA from Sam Houston State University. She’s mature beyond her years¬†and doesn’t fit the mold of how society thinks of millennials. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

In this episode, Shanae’a¬†discusses:

– Why she doesn’t make plans

– What learning as much as you can, will do for your career

– Why writing a play is something she wants to do…..but not now

– How her “Social Justice, Warrior” personality can sabotage her

– Her secret to success! Let’s just say, many people twice her age don’t get this one

– The lessons she learned about connection from another actress and how it changed her

– The understated beauty and art that we miss every day

– Why she gets mistaken for a 14-year-old

– Why she coaches people more than twice her age

– Being around people her own age is difficult and why she avoids it as much as possible

– How just working on her is hard enough, so she’s not stuck in the “competitive” phase of her career

– Strategies for “shutting off” in order to preserve her heart

– You are not your industry

– How her faith in God sustains her through tough times

– The world is so much bigger than music and art – it’s a multi-verse, not a universe

You can connect with her website at: