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Welcome! My guest today is Ken McMeans, an entertainer with many great stories to tell. Ken isn’t afraid to open up his life and his heart with total transparency so you can learn from his experiences. He has been in the entertainment industry for his entire life. He now performs and owns an entertainment company. Ken is a living example of someone who never quits, no matter what curve balls life throws at him. Join us!

What you’ll hear in Ken’s amazing life story:0 ken mcmeans PPP

  • Ken grew up in a family of thoroughbred horse trainers in Washington but spent his young adult years trying to get away from that to do something else.
  • A creative writing teacher in high school awakened Ken’s interest in journalism and writing.
  • He started playing guitar at age 17 and was enthralled by the country music scene.
  • The bars and clubs he played, the record industry, and some harmful influences led to Ken’s drug problem.
  • Through the 80’s, Ken was wheeling and dealing in the music industry, but became discouraged and left Hollywood in ’91 to enter rehab for his cocaine addiction.
  • Interestingly, Ken joined the Screen Actors Guild and became a stunt rider and actor, doing small parts in over 200 movies and numerous TV shows.
  • Even though acting provided his living for six years, it was not his passion; he knew there was “something else out there” for him.
  • Ken, his brother, and a few friends put together a traveling cowboy comedy act to perform at small fairs.
  • The popularity of his act exploded and soon he had multiple performing units traveling the fair circuit across the western US.
  • Laugh with us as Ken shares a few of his “nightmare” stories about bad hires over the years!
  • As a performer, Ken’s intention is to provide a “surprise” for every fair-goer around every corner.
  • He loves interacting with kids and families and touching lives on a daily basis.
  • Ken started playing music again a few years ago and started his entertainment business because he saw the need to bring country and western artists to fairs.
  • “My life is surreal in the last few years.”
  • With a huge roster of artists, Ken’s company is now the largest country music agency in the western US.
  • Later this year, Ken and his wife (The Stereo Chickens) will release a new album, produced by fellow artist/songwriter Travis Meadows.
  • Ken’s advice for young performers:
    • No matter who you are, you’ll be playing fairs throughout your career.
    • Fairs are a gold mine for entertainment ideas.
  • You can reach Ken and learn more at http://www.kenmcmeanspresents.com.