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Welcome! Today’s guest is Steve Hamilton, aka Steve the Pretty Good. Steve is a magician originally from Prince George, BC, but is now a US citizen who lives near Seattle. Steve has performed his magic all over the globe and is very well-known in the fair industry. He is best known for his Flying Carpet! Let’s catch up with Steve!

What you’ll hear in this episode:Magic Carpet

  • Steve tells the story of the origin of his Flying Carpet,” necessity being the mother of invention.”
  • After high school, Steve was a Marine and later worked as an EMT.
  • Steve loves the left-brain/right brain component of magic.
  • Steve started street performing with card tricks, which he calls “the best training for fair work.”
  • A friend suggested that he go to China to do his show, even though it seemed impossible.
  • His boss would not give him the time off to go to China, so after 25 years as a firefighter and paramedic, Steve turned in his resignation.
  • Steve didn’t want to look back on his life with any regrets or questions like, “Could I make a living at magic?”
  • Steve went to China and performed with over 80 performers from all over the world; it was amazing, inspirational, and scary at the same time.
  • Steve shares the funny story of how his wife became involved in his magic show, even though she was at first adamantly against it.
  • Steve shares about the loneliness of traveling the fair circuit when his wife isn’t able to travel with him.
  • Steve’s worst gig ever? A small fair with a small stage where he and his wife attempted the “substitution trunk” act
  • After 30 years, Steve still spends a great portion of his day saying, “How can I make my show better?”
  • It takes skill to make the audience feel like a part of the show—to connect with them.
  • How did Steve become known as “Steve the Pretty Good”? Listen in to find out!
  • Steve’s advice to a younger person starting out in the industry? “Know the history of magic and appreciate your craft.”
  • As a performer, you should always dress like you have somewhere better to go after the show. (i.e. dress better than the audience!) Dress like you respect your craft!
  • Some younger performers are overconfident, which is a turnoff.
  • Reach Steve at http://www.funnysteve.com or http://www.prettygoodmagic.com.