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The 5 Most Difficult Challenges of Life on the Road and How to Overcome Them!

Welcome! This is the first in the series of “Tailgate Talks,” designed to help artists who are working hard to further their
careers and build better relationships with clients. Today, there is no guest to be interviewed; it’s just you and me. I’m taking this opportunity to share my 20+ years’ experience in what I’ve learned, even though I don’t consider myself a guru or one who has “arrived.”

Today’s Topic: The Construction Zone

  • This came from a recent highway trip that I took, encountering a large construction zone, an obstacle along the way. The Construction Zones in life are where the work happens and where we grow as performers and people. None of us has “arrived” and we all run into bumps in the road along the path to where we are going.
  • For example, I used to be scared to death to speak in front of people. My “road” became bumpy and I had to undergo “construction.”
  • What did I do?
    • I tried Toastmasters International, but struggled to speak in front of peers.
    • I partnered with Junior Achievement, teaching junior high school students about business. I learned to overcome my fears, gave back to the community, and grew as a confident speaker.
  • Remember, growth requires time, acquiring new tools, and accessing new materials. You’ll be able to look back and see why the “bumps” were there. Others are watching you go through your “Construction Zone.” How you handle yourself will define your character; your future and your bank account depend on your character growth.