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The fair industry has some jaw-dropping and mind baffling acts but some acts set the bar higher than others. Marco Landín and Heather Hyde are creative and talented performers. From costumes to technique, this power couple has raised the bar for all stilt walkers and performers. Their acts are exotic and bring a sense of newness through their full fire performances and stilt creatures. They have perfected the art of embodying whimsical characters and creating a dreamlike atmosphere. Join Alan Bruess and Eric Haines in this episode of Tailgate Entertainer to learn more about creating a magical world. 

Show Highlights:

  • Being introduced to variety entertainment 
  • Sharing the miracle of newness 
  • Bringing something new to the table 
  • Creating art to be proud of 
  • Being an influencer through personal art 
  • Creating opportunities for others 
  • Finding ways to speak without words 
  • Design techniques and creating unique shows 
  • Creating blueprints and refining details 
  • Finding balance 
  • How passion pushes you forward 
  • Building a bubble of wonder