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The 5 Most Difficult Challenges of Life on the Road and How to Overcome Them!

Anyone can be a performer, but only hard-working and dedicated individuals can become great performers. It takes many years and lots of practice to establish a name and create a timeless act, which is why not many people make it as a full-time entertainer. Todd Victor has been a full-time entertainer for over 30 years and has created beautiful stages to host various acts, he coaches entertainers, and has established a successful mentoring program to boost other performers. Tune into this episode of Tailgate Entertainer with Alan Bruess and Eric Haines to see how you can bring your art to market and take the next steps to improve your performance.

Show Highlights:

  • Moments that led up to being in the fair industry
  • Giving advice to yourself in the past
  • Taking care of yourself and being innovative
  • Adjusting the show to fit where you’re at in life
  • Reducing wear on your body
  • What needs the fair-grounds can provide for performers
  • Pros and cons of working with your spouse
  • How unique makeup affects business
  • Formula for traveling
  • How to adapt shows to stay relevant
  • Bringing art to a marketplace and making a living off it
  • Taking classes for various skills
  • Hiring advisors to direct and critique acts
  • Practicing to fine tune skills
  • Emphasizing being a great performer
  • Finding the balance between work and home life
  • Getting the most out of your time and making connections
  • Working hard to maintain trust and make others shows successful