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While the fair industry is continuously growing and adapting, and continues to evolve since the early days of live entertainment. Michelangelo Nock, owner of The Nerveless Nocks Inc., and his family have been innovating the industry since before 1850. 

Michelangelo Nock has a plethora of insight and knowledge about the industry, due to his unique experience growing up in a performing family. He comes from a family that has been performing in the circus and entertainment industry for more than 9 generations. Performing is in his DNA!

This interview is full of history, versatility, and insight on staying relevant in the circus industry. Live performance continues to evolve and the Nock family is evolving too!

Tune into this episode of Tailgate Entertainer with your hosts, Alan Bruess and Eric Haines, to learn more about the impact the fair industry has made and how it has stayed current through generations. 

Show Highlights:

  • Pursuing the family business 
  • How the swing pole came about 
  • Roles being filled in the industry 
  • Being versatile and incorporating training 
  • Showing the audience entertainment they’ve never seen before 
  • Getting involved with other businesses 
  • Taking care of the grounds 
  • Being influenced by successful businessmen 
  • Being a team 
  • Respecting people’s ideas 
  • Staying current 
  • Being creative and working in different fairs 




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